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Job Description

Job Description

Operations Manager Job Description
The function of the Operations Manager is a senior position in any organization and is there to ensure that all the parts of the production process come together to deliver the correct quality of final product. By liaising and knowledge all aspects of production, Operation Managers can supervise the quality of outputs.
Overall, the function of an operations manager is vital for ensuring that a strong reputation is maintained in the marketplace. They are a conduit between different departments providing important feedback and communication. In many cases, they are responsible for ensuring that final products meet strict quality standards set by industry regulation.
10 Responsibilities of an Operations Manager
Ensuring that communication between departments is continuing and utilized to maintain an environment of continuous improvement.
Support the company in production planning and making sure the business is adequately resourced.
Identifying any expertise gaps in the organization and undertaking a recruitment programme to support this.
Training of staff and managers to ensure that everyone is performing adequately in their function.
Providing a leadership abilities support function to teams and motivating staff to achieve production goals.
Managing budgets and costs effectively in respect of the planning process.
Acting as a liaison to senior management and board of directors to keep them up to date with shop floor matters.
Ensuring key performance indicators are in place and production targets are met.
Implementation of any new policies and procedures relating to the production process.
Introducing and managing in-house Information technology systems ensuring that they are fit for purpose.
8 Key expertise of the Operations Manager
leadership abilities leading teams from different departments to achieve organizational goals.
Communication ensuring that communication is continuing and effective between different departments.
IT keeping up to date with Information technology systems in the workplace while having an knowledge of emerging technologies.
Presentation Presenting ideas and results to different stakeholders across the business including staff and senior management.
Team working fostering an environment of teamwork to ensure that all products are delivered on time and company goals are met.
Initiative The capability to work alone and take a lead when hurdles arise or when tasks require completion.
Planning- staying ahead of the game and ensuring that plans for the future are clearly labeled out for everyone to follow.
Problem Solving adapting to the ever changing environment and reacting quickly to meet
5 Key Challenges in Operations Management
 Technology keeping up to date with latest technology can be difficult in an ever changing environment.
People Managing people can often be the most difficult aspect of a pragmatic function like this.
Costs without due control costs can spiral reducing overall margins, generating a potential challenge.
Environment Environmental issues and carbon reduction mean that the Operations Manager has to be aware of waste.
Reporting the demands from senior leadership abilities teams will create continued pressure for many managers.
Typical Work on Operations Projects
The responsibility of an Operations Manager may be challenging, but Information technology is often fun to work on. Projects could include integrating new machinery into a production plant, retraining staff on essential expertise or perhaps implementing Information technology systems, all of which, if prosperous, would reflect well on the operations manager.
Job location= Nearby location, Pan India level
Fresher income- 3.5 lac to 6.5 lac
practiced income depended upon interview and hike in between 30% to 55% from the last income.
For further query contact on this number between 10 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday

Other details
» Department: Back Office Operations,  Back Office Operations Operations Management / Process Analysis Operations Management / Process Analysis
» Business Sector: Banking / Financial Services Banking / Financial Services
» expertise: presentation,  presentation, recruitment,  recruitment, management,  management, systems,  systems, training,  training, production,  production, sales,  sales, reporting,  reporting, communication,  communication, operations operations
» Other expertise: problem solving,  problem solving,  production planning,  production planning,  quality standards,  quality standards,  business development,  business development,  customer service,  customer service,  operations management operations management
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»Employer's name Global support solutions Hiring For Global support solutions
»Email address:
»Telephone: 7053018381
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